There’s a little flower I’m that flower planted in concrete people walking to and fro everyday tripping, stumbling avoiding trampling at the last minute What a life to be present and yet to be unseen by those around you. To be taken for granted. To not be loved – to not be shown the type of love that you’re trying to give to others So then who are you really existing for? Advertisements Continue reading untitled.

I Want To Be Loved

Why do I want someone else to to have control over my body other than me? I want them to carry all of my responsibilities. Hold me when I’m in need when I cry say “Baby please.” I want to be loved… and to love, love them endlessly Make them dream of me devour them into my soul. I want us two to become one, sitting under the sun together, forever just you and I in such lovely weather. Can’t you please, won’t you please just love me. Continue reading I Want To Be Loved

Inappropriate Thoughts

I wanna be choked. yeah I said it… I wanna be choked. I wanna be fucked politely as you, ease it inside me. Ask me if I like it while you’re watchin’ me ridin’. One hand on neck Four fingers down my throat Yep… that really floats my boat. Sometimes I’m ashamed and find it absurd that I mostly sit and yearn for sex. Being a fiend really lowers my self-esteem cuz I’m s’posed to sit like a Queen with my legs closed, back straight, chin up, hands outstretched, waiting, inviting whoever’s next to put a ring on it But … Continue reading Inappropriate Thoughts

The Last Time I Felt Butterflies

So subtle, yet so obvious the butterfly takes flight disturbing its surroundings, unearthing the dust, the air, the breeze as it moves through the trees. So subtle, yet so obvious. Do you know what you do to me? Every time I see you, bump into you, feel you, hear you, even think that you’re near, I immediately fear that you’ll recognize me, despise me, reject me, detest me But I know that it’s just me acknowledging my insecurities. You’re the butterfly and I’m your surroundings hoping that you’ll always ground me. My knees get weak, my my chest it beats for … Continue reading The Last Time I Felt Butterflies

A Letter to My Favorite Body Part

To my darling clavicle, You are such an intruder to my whole being. So sharp and contrasting the smoothness of my frame keeping me sane whenever I feel unsteady ready to throw it all away. I grab onto you, latching on, praying Dear God, please don’t give up on me. The firmness the sturdiness I trace my finger along your confidence. You’re the only piece of me that feels right that feels like I’m supposed to be here. Continue reading A Letter to My Favorite Body Part


Bright blue, hot pink, or a pink that’s pale these are the colors I like to paint on my nails And as the days go by, chip, chip, chip the beautiful paint begins to faint Oh no! now I must hide them cuz in a minute my aunt will find ’em and she’ll say “Oh baby, poor baby don’t you know that this right here is not lady-like. LADY-LIKE like a lady, what’s it mean? Am I supposed to gleam, not scream, remain a Queen? Sometimes I wanna shout and holla and pop that ass for a dolla. I wanna … Continue reading Lady-Like

You Live “There” (Inspired by Sandra Cisneros’ House on Mango Street)

There- Mississippi. Land of the Grand Ole Dixie a tall glass of sweet iced tea hot bowls of gumbo with a dab of hot sauce and don’t forget a yes ma’am here and a no ma’am there. the land where the sun blisters your back and the salt from the gulf reeks in your nose and the seafood is just too good to be true. So much pride to be a Southern Belle a Mississippi Gal yet bearing the haunting images of your ancestors being beaten, worked, and raped to death on this same, glorious soil. Oh! to be a … Continue reading You Live “There” (Inspired by Sandra Cisneros’ House on Mango Street)