Bright blue, hot pink, or a pink that’s pale

these are the colors I like to paint on my nails

And as the days go by, chip, chip, chip

the beautiful paint begins to faint

Oh no! now I must hide them

cuz in a minute my aunt will find ’em

and she’ll say

“Oh baby, poor baby don’t you know that this right here

is not lady-like.


like a lady, what’s it mean?

Am I supposed to gleam, not scream, remain a Queen?

Sometimes I wanna shout and holla

and pop that ass for a dolla.

I wanna walk around obnoxious

but I hear that that’s toxic…

for a lady’s appearance

But what if I don’t wanna be a lady

does that make a difference?

And as for these nails that are chipped

and not lady-like

I don’t give a shit

so go take a hike.


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